Basement Entrances & Doors

Precast Concrete Basement Entrances & Basement Doors

At Mono-Crete Step, LLC in Bethel, CT we deliver one-piece, precast concrete PermEntry basement entrances, manufactured and installed to rigid specifications. Our precast concrete basement entrances allow for easy installation and consistent results.

The Benefits of A PermEntry Basement Entrance

A PermEntry basement entrance adds sales appeal and value by giving homeowners access directly from the basement to the outdoors. A PermEntry basement entrance opens up your basement to a number of opportunities, including:

  • External basement exit in case of an emergency.
  • Access to mechanical equipment during construction, reducing traffic and damage to the main level of the home.
  • Ability to move large furniture, bulky appliances and patio furniture easily through the basement.
  • Additional quality selling features your customers will recognize and appreciate.
  • A basement as convenient and easy to use as other rooms in the home

Working with Bilco, we’re able to deliver a range of PermEntry basement entrances for our customers.

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See this PDF for detailed specifications and installation instructions.

How to Install A PermEntry Precast Concrete Basement Entrance

Add the convenience of direct basement access by following these simple steps:

  • Contact a us at Mono-Crete Step, LLC, a PermEntry dealer, to determine if your home is suitable for a PermEntry installation.
  • If your home is suitable, stake off the area to be excavated. Before excavation, call your local utility companies to verify power and utility line locations.
  • Hire an excavation or landscaping contractor to dig the opening for the precast stairwell (see back panel of the precast PermEntry for opening requirements).
  • Contact a contractor to saw cut an opening in your foundation wall.
  • Call us at Mono-Crete for help determining the proper size of your areaway and to set up delivery and installation.
  • Once the entrance has been installed, backfill and landscape the area around your new basement entrance.
  • We’ll also supply the basement door with instructions for painting and/or maintenance.

PermEntry Basement Doors

Classic Steel Doors in Powder Coat Finish

Bilco Classic Series steel basement doors are now available with a factory-applied polyester powder coat finish. The polyester resin provides a durable, weather-resistant coating. Cured at higher temperatures than most wet coatings, the result is a tougher and chip-resistant coating, providing both a decorative and protective finish.ruggedCoat

  • Rugged, heavy-gauge steel door
  • Torsion rod lift assistance for easy operation
  • Baked-on primer, field coating ready
  • Automatic safety catches and release lever
  • Overlapping flange design and concealed hinges

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Optional Ultra Series Door

Ultra Series doors provide safe and code-compliant basement access, weather-tight performance and easy operation — all with virtually no maintenance. The Ultra Series door will never rust, rot or need painting. It’s simulated wood texture and pleasing driftwood color will complement the exterior of any home and the interchangeable side panel inserts allow homeowners to easily add light or ventilation to their basement areaway.

  • High-density polyethelene construction, never rusts, rots or needs painting
  • Attractive wood design
  • Gas spring lift assistance
  • Sturdy inside locking mechanism
  • Interchangeable side panel inserts for light or ventilation

PermEntry Measurement Table

A PermEntry Unit fo Every Home
35″ – 41″ S 43″ 45″ 51 1/2″ 52″
52″ – 58″ O 60″ 60″ 51 1/2″ 30″
59″ – 66″ B 68″ 66″ 55 1/2″ 22″
67″ – 74″ C* 76″ 74″ 55 1/2″ 19 1/2″
75″ – 82″ D* 84″ 86″ 55 1/2″ 22″
83″ – 91″ E 92 3/4″ 95 3/8″ 58″ 22″
92″ – 99″ F 101″ 104″ 58″ 22″
* Optional ultra series door availible for size C and D only.

Custom Basement Walkouts

21If your structure doesn’t allow for a PermEntry basement, hope is not lost! At Mono-Crete Step, LLC we can custom make basement walkouts that will still give you exterior access to your basement. For more information about our custom concrete basement walkouts, call us or click here for a free quote.